Technical snippets project

Technical snippets project
Photo by JC Gellidon / Unsplash

I've been working on a project concept for the last six months or so that I'm calling "technical snippets". Over the last month or so it's felt like I've turned a corner. Here are a couple of the videos I've put together:

The breakthrough

In short, if you think of the Microsoft cloud like a cake, the snippets act as a mini cooking show that show the recipe come together and feel good about having a cake at the end. The ingredients are offerings and services in our cloud and the recipe aligns to a use case or a key part of a use case. (the videos show "one dish", not an "entire course" or "full meal").

This becomes important, since most of these capabilities are enabled by Microsoft products and services, so it can be helpful to have content that gives an example of what a customer could do.

Adding some additional context and discoverability

The videos can stand alone, but I also post a supporting blog to the Healthcare & Life Sciences blog on the Microsoft Technical Community.

The combination of intro, along with an outline of the video, helps add some additional context that doesn't "have" to be inside of the video. I do a short version in my recorded intro and try to sprinkle details throughout, but it's nice to have the "out" of including more detail in a link.

Also, as the project grows, this can help with discoverability as well as cross-promotion.

Still learning and enhancing the project

I have lots of ideas for content, but I'm a bit jammed up on what order to take them in. I also spend too much time mulling over my script (though I've been able to knock out recordings in a single take, which minimizes my post-production).

PS: I know technical snippets is not a great name for the project but Naming things is hard.