I'm Matt and I appreciate that you've taken even a few moments to investigate my little site. I've been creating public content in different forms for two-plus decades which resides all over the internet. This site is a place for me to consolidate a bunch of those things, as well as a conduit to continue sharing things with people I know.

I like to learn, speak, create, develop, dad, run, explore, game, listen, coach, write, improve, share, and a ton of other things.

I'm also a big fan of Star Wars

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Below are some additional suggestions.

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I recorded a limited-series podcast in 2020-2021. I have a dedicated page with a lot more detail here.

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I don't do much social media, but I do actively contribute to GitHub and reshare articles on LinkedIn.

mathyousee - Overview
mathyousee has 26 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.