Some favorite sessions from the recent MS Build event

Some favorite sessions from the recent MS Build event

If you're like me, you probably felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of amazing sessions at the recent Microsoft Build conference. There were so many copilots announced…so many good looking hoodies. While I only watched a few of the keynotes live, the on-demand replays have given me a chance to catch up on a ton of sessions at my own pace (delayed and usually at 1.75x speed).

In this post, I want to share with you three non-keynote sessions that I absolutely loved and I think you should watch too. They showcase some fantastic tech as well as a variety of innovative dev tools. Trust me, you won't regret watching them.

Building AI solutions with Semantic Kernel

I was looking forward to this session since I first found it in the catalog. I’m really intrigued with Semantic Kernel, and an SDK that can help ground in the Microsoft Graph, while orchestrating across a variety of AI tools. What a powerhouse to help build copilots.

Screenshot of the session listing from the Build catalog.

What may have me the most excited is how I’m going to borrow some of the stories and concepts as a way to help my customers think differently. Some will already be familiar with LangChain, and much of the same story will apply.

Full stack scale with the Microsoft Power Platform

This session is jam packed! It follows an app build that grows up from a spreadsheet and wires it into a bunch of disparate systems (SQL database, app service API, etc).

Screenshot of the session listing from the Build catalog.

This sprinkles in a huge amount of concepts. Not all Power Platform builds need to include this many things, but just keep in mind that your solution can pick and choose the parts that are relevant.

Secure and observe your APIs no matter where they run

This one covered a lot of ground from some of the basics of Azure API Management, to the use of GraphQL to expose a REST API. There were product announcements (in various parts of the lifecycle) sprinkled through.

Screenshot of the session listing from the Build catalog.

API Center was an exciting one for me, which will be a great capability as I work with customers who have a variety of APIs and Gateways (even those outside of Azure API Management).


I’ve watched about two dozen sessions at this point, and there were only a couple of clunkers in that, which ended up being recaps of things I already knew. Overall, I’m super satisfied with the investment of time and I’m energized to get out and Build.

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