Long labels in canvas Power Apps

Long labels in canvas Power Apps

As I'm maturing Power Apps canvas apps or canvas pages, one of the things that gives polish to the app is to truncate long labels. If the length of the text may exceed the width of the label, I like to:

  1. Use a formula to truncate the Label.Text and add "..." as a visual indicator to the app user that there's more than what's shown. `
Label.Name= If(Len(ThisItem.Name)>25,Left(ThisItem.Name,25)&"...",ThisItem.Name)
Trims at 25 characters...suit to the need. Sometimes I set the Left() a couple of characters shorter to accommodate the width of the ellipsis.

2. Set the Label.Tooltip property to the full value so it's easily discoverable

Label.Tooltip= ThisItem.Name

I posted the details and some other practices on my snippets page in GitHub power-platform-snippets/power-fx.md at main · mathyousee/power-platform-snippets (github.com)

Screenshot from the Power Platform canvas studio