ICYMI: BizApps Launch Event 2023 Wave 1

ICYMI: BizApps Launch Event 2023 Wave 1
Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

Great content at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event was this week! I’m especially glad this landed as well as it did after the lighter-than-anticipated content at Powerful Devs earlier this year.

The highlights focused on several Copilot solutions within the BizApps platform including Power Platform and Dynamics.

Lots of familiar faces 😊

There were plenty of well-respected presenters, but there are a few friends I was happy to see take the stage.

  • The Customer Service section featured MVP Health’s scenario presented by Edgar Wilson. Nice stuff buddy!
  • The Sales section featured Lynk & Co’s scenario presented by Vandana Sharma. Awesome work!
  • Julie Strauss’ low-code session was the longest, but included a tour through multiple Copilot tools in the Power Platform. Great!
  • The Finance section featured Robert Walters Group’s scenario presented by Charles Drayton. Lovin’ it!

Stream the event content (and more) now

Even though the live premiere has concluded, the event site is currently where the on-demand content can be streamed:

Business Applications Launch Event
Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform are helping businesses innovate to overcome current challenges. Watch now: https://aka.ms/MicrosoftBizAppsLaunchEvent
The site also includes 60 minutes of bonus content, with additional sessions including one on large language models.

Much like previous events in the series, I expect the individual sessions will be available on YouTube in the near future, but it's worth the (free) registration to get the real deal plus bonus content.